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Zildjian 5B Green Dip Maple - Wood Tip

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kr 240,00

Zildjian 5B Green Dip Maple - Wood Tip

Very sensitive and controllable. Solid yet forgiving to play. With DIP grip.


Trommestikker i hickory med gummigrep. Lengde og diameter angis i millimeter.

Maple wood provides a lightweight alternative to Hickory. Maple sticks produce dark tones on your instruments and offer a softer feel. Supplement your favorite stick with a maple version to give your playing a new, yet very familiar treatment. our Maple DIP® models are treated with a double coating of our exclusive DIP® grip. This provides a desirable backweighting to the stick that is particularly noticeable in the lightweight maple models. If you are looking for a stick that gives you the maximum grip to relax your hands and still be light enough to fly, Maple DIP's are for you.

Diameter: 1,52 cm (0,600")
Length: 40,64 cm (16 ”)
Natural and Green DIP Finish
Wood tip

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